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“Oh, So It’s YOU Again” 


These pieces celebrate the tools of our past, left for “dead” to rust in a bucket or be found for pennies at a flea market. Remants from hand bound books, beatutiul script scribed with walnut ink and a crow quill or photos taken before the use of an iphone, are sought after treasures that allow me to investigate a life so different from today, and yet in many ways, the same. I have incorporated my love of textiles into this series by capturing the patterns created in a rust dying process.  Linen and cotton pieces were wrapped around springs, railroad spikes, horse shoes and a variety of kitchen tools. Using tea and vinegar, to “dye” the textile remnants, unpredictable patterns emerged. Their newly captured beauty became a celebrated design element in my new work. The rust dyed pieces are juxtoposed with collage papers I have made using found objects and paint. Together they create a new story of their own.

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