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“Torn Edges, Numeral Notations”


This collage sequence began while cleaning out my father’s book shleves, some years ago. I discovered stacks of notebooks filled with figures, equations and mathematical notes, To an untrained mind it appeared a foreign “MIT code”, but it was scrawled in such a beautiful ”fountain pen” hand, I could not toss out these important notations.

By themselves, parallel lines of numeral notations conjure up a sense of order, sequence and a “total” with only one correct answer. Asymmetrical painted patterns with rough edges move the eye away from the definitive "sums.". While dancing in a field of color, they provide an anchor of order and a place to rest.

Here is the difference between and analytical and and intuiitive mind.

Each collage has a portion of a notebook page, handpainted paper and many layers of printing, lifting and decision making, As I created them, I thought a lot about those homage to a beautiful, if not slightly neurotic, mind.

Heading 1

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